KODI may be too hard to use for most people, and everyone wants a set-ready TV Box. V5 IPTV is exactly such an app! Super easy to install and use.

1.Input the UserName and PassWD.

2.Please wait updating the newest program list.

3.After successful installation, you will see the interface below.

Then click the icon, enter your account.

4.Finally input the Card ID.

Remark: If the deadline is coming, and you want to continue using our service.

You still need to purchase it on our website.

The new Card ID will be sent again.

How to use V5 IPTV in Android TV Box?
Connect your Android TV Box to your TV, and install V5 IPTV app in the TV Box. Then enjoy!

How to install V5 IPTV App on an Android Phone?
Just click the icon of app, and wait 1-2 minutes (depending on your internet speed).
Then you need to input the security activation code of IPTV.

How many devices can I use a set of UserName and PassWord?
1 set
of UserName and PassWord can be used for 1 device only. The UserName is bound with your device’s MAC address.